Marvelous in my Monday: NYC Veg Fest

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

First weekend back in the city…. It’s cold. No, scratch that, it’s FREEZING! Wasn’t the Polar Vortex supposed to be a one time thing? Anyway, I am already missing the flowers and family of the West but am excited to be back running of the Hudson and seeing friends.



This weekend consisted of a lot of delicious new foods and meals with old friends. Saturday and Sunday were the NYC Vegetarian Festival and the event was PACKED with amazing food, so since I like to consider myself a bit of a guinea pig for my readers, I decided to share with you only my favorite foods of the event. Enjoy!


Emmy’s Organics: I am constantly seeing these packages in my favorite stores, yet hadn’t tried any of their products until Saturday. WELL, I am STILL dreaming about the flavors of the macarons (especially the Lemon Ginger)


Sorbabes: One bite of their Pistachio with Sea Salted Caramel and you’ll never buy another brand. These Sorbabes behind the company are passionate, kind and proud of their product that I am confident will take off.


Runa: I love tea and this company is one of my favorites; their unique use of Guayusa is stimulating of the body, without causing an energy crash. I am often seen at the gym with a bottle of their Runa Zero as I bust out sprints.


Pukka: Another tea that has had me hooked, long before this weekend. Before this weekend I stuck to their 3 Ginger tea, but this weekend I tried their Love Tea and am in love with it:) 20140303-085740.jpg


One Lucky Duck: A NYC legend and rightly so! These girls are AWESOME and their food is SO flavourful, rich and filling.


The Simply Bar: LOVE the macros on these bars AND their awesome on my sensitive digestive tract:)



Finished off my weekend with extra marvelous things: Seeing little friends that have grown up, and of course, STRETCHING!




Which of these treats have you tried? Which product do you want to try most?

Marvelous Love,

Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.


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