What I Ate Wednesday: Granola Goodness.

Hey Foodie Friends,

This week I feel like I have only eaten out…and I hate it! Since I have access to my parent’s fully stocked and SPACIOUS kitchen. Anyway, talk about first world problems: “Oh poor me, I get to eat at restaurants too often!”…yes, I’ll stop complaining now.

ALSO, it turns out that I leave TOMORROW, so, I spent Tuesday doing girlie things with my mom and am spending today watching LOST with my dad, before catching a 6AM flight tomorrow. Oy vey!

Here are my eats from Monday…homemade granola [loaded with chocolate, almonds and flax], mustard greens and Indian food, more granola+coconut cream and a dinner of fresh seafood and espresso creme brulee. YOLO.

What did YOU eat this week?

What did YOU eat this week?






For dessert at the restaurant last night my options were Creme Brulee, Cheesecake or Tiramasu…what would you choose? 

Foodie Love,

The CC

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!


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