What I Ate Wednesday: Raw Food Feasts

Why, hello, my foodie friends!

What did YOU eat this week?

What did YOU eat this week?

Today for WIAW, I wanted to share my Monday eats because I had the chance to try out a raw vegan restaurant in downtown Victoria with my lovely Dad… He sacrificed his usual lunch of jasmine tea and Pho for a Sprouted Sunflower Raw Masala Burger, what a team player AND he like it. I came to the restaurant from the gym so I had a post-gym fuel-up of a cacao, Gogi and banana cookie followed by a wicked Mjadra Bowl with lentils, sauerkraut, avocado Creme, flax oil and a Seed Cracker. IT WAS SO GOOD. Seriously, as crazy as this’ll sound, my body felt so alive and energized after that meal!!! Here are Monday’s eats and of course, a gym selfie after lifting weights:)










I was in charge of dinner on Monday so I made our Korean exchange students try out kale! …I think it was a success:)


Does your city have a raw food restaurant? What are your top raw food meals?

Foodie Love,

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!

Thanks, Jenn for hosting this fantastic food event!


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    I try to eat raw every day, and I completely agree with you — my body just feels sooo much better when I do. I always have lots of fruits and veggies in the morning/lunch. I’ve been on a cherry tomato kick! Your meals look so delicious! Hope you’re having a great ‘re-charge’ at home. That’s important every so often.

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      Thanks!! I definitely have become very respectful of my cravings, so I eat what my body needs, but generally I eat primarily raw foods until dinner, then will eat cooked foods, higher in carbs for a more restful sleep:)

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