Marvelous in my Monday: Being Home is the Best.

Hello Loves.

Happy Monday! Did you all get a chance to check out my Friday review? Hope so, because I’d love to know what products you’d like me to review next!

Mondays. So good.

Mondays. So good.

On to the marvelous…

I get overwhelming waves of gratitude being home because this trip was so unplanned yet clearly very needed. This weekend moved at a pace that was so much slower than I’m accustom but it was great! It involved sitting my the fire, reading, going out for brunch, cooking, playing soccer, lifting weights, getting out for a morning trail run… It was perfectly relaxed.

Friday: I woke up to flowers, chocolate and goodies from my parents in their matching house coats. Adorable. The day then included baking, picking up my older sister (who is also visiting) from the airport, a sashimi feast and of course, watching the new House of Cards!!







Saturday: Up early to attend my mom’s running group! I ran 45 minutes and did sprints… That’s what I call fun. #sorrynotsorry
After the run, my mom treated us to a deeeelicious brunch followed by relaxing by the fire at home. We later went out for groceries and bubble tea:





Sunday: Up early to go lift weights at the gym! I worked up a sweat and finished the session by doing sprints on the treadmill. In the afternoon I played soccer then made a Costco and WINNERS (Canada’s TJ Maxx) with mom! We made a Sunday night roast then snuggled up by the fire and look at old family photos.



How was your weekend? Did you watch any of the new House of Cards? Are you as obsessed as me? When was the last time you visited home?

Monday Love,

Katie, you rock.

Katie, you rock.


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