High Five Friday!

TGIF!! Good morning lovelies! Here on the East Coast, the sun is shinning, the air is crisp and the leaves are golden yellows and rich reds. Ah, life is so good. Last night I was at the weaving studio until 8PM, so was ready for a night in…after a lovely walk home I had an edamame stir-fry, 2 oatmeal cookies and a cup of chocolate-mint tea. It was lovely. This morning I finally had the chance to reunite with one of my running buddies for an AM loop down to a park that overlooks the ocean, then she challenged me to run a San Francisco-esque hill twice with her. Hurts so good! :)

This Sunday will mark ONE MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! Being a Christian and being extremely close with my family makes Christmas VERY important to me, so be prepared for lots of Festive Findings on the blog in the coming weeks, ALSO it will be The Compost Cook’s first Christmas! 

…even though I’m not doing the usual #high5fri , be sure to check out Meg’s roundup.

So, instead of the usual High Fives today, I wanted to share Festive Five…a list of five holiday-related things that are on my mind this week. Enjoy!

Another great colour option? Spice of life. Photo Source.

1. SpaRitual Nail Polish: Vegan,  Formaldehyde and Toluene-free nail polish. To me, nothing says the holidays like festive fingernails. My recommendation? Sparitual’s Spellbound: This rich red is shimmery, sophisticated and seasonal!

Love it. What’s your go-to foodie app?

2. Holiday Food Apps: At Starbucks this week, I picked up their ‘App of the Week’, Food52. This app is perfect for the holidays for menu planning, technique training and an extensive reference glossary.

Memories of 2010 with the siblings!

3. Old Family Photos. Nothing excites me for the holidays like looking at past Christmases; I love to laugh at how much we’ve all changed (or stayed the same), how happy we were and how excited it will be to see everyone again in less than one month’s time.

My favourite make-ahead Christmas craft? DIY Cookie mixes to give as gifts. Beautiful AND thrifty!

4. Get crafting! Plan ahead and start making homemade cards and cookies early, so you can truly savour the time with your loved ones when the time comes. Get inspired for cards here and here AND some make ahead cookies here.

Websites, like this, even offer free printable list templates.

5. Make lists! I love lists! Lists of who you need to buy for, who you’d like to see, what you’d like to cook, what you’d like to do, where you’d like to visit. There are online resources to help you organize your lists, like here and here and here…OR you could kick it old school, like me, and handwrite my lists with lots of festive doodles!

Okay, that’s it for me. The rest of today will be filled with a coffee date with my sister, working, going to my studio and working on an essay. Oh the wild times of a Friday night!

What are your high fives for this week? How are you preparing for the holidays? Any plans for the weekend?

-the cc


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