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The Birth Order

My siblings and I this past spring (oldest to youngest)

I have always been fascinated with the theory of Birth Order; the claim that what order you were born, great affects your personality. Being the youngest of four kids, I loved this theory because in my own life I found it to be incredibly true. How could your siblings not affect you? Whether they bring out the best or worst (or both) in you, they most likely affect you. You are born into hierarchy and I believe that the birth hierarchy never leaves you. In my family, I know that when we are together again we all fall back into our sibling ‘roles’.

Over time this theory has become proven through case studies and experiments. However, as the studies have proven, it is simply not just the order that you were born but other factors such as the sex and age of your siblings will affect your personality traits.

Researchers have now move past the basic birth order personalities and on to predicting the compatible lovers for each profile. Whether you buy into this theory or not, here’s the basic information. Happy learning!

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The basic order descriptions, from birthorder.com:


Firstborns are usually dominant and organized. Research shows they’re more conscientious than other birth orders. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are both firstborns. Nick has many younger siblings. Jessica has one younger sister. Both should want to be in the driver’s seat most of the time. They would be uncomfortable with anyone giving them orders or direction, especially in a romantic relationship.

Older brothers

Older brothers of brothers are the most take-charge people. John Wayne was an older brother and he typifies this birth order. Macho, dynamic, and a leader, Wayne often played tough-man roles in his films… Older brothers of sisters make good directors and are comfortable in the company of women. The best match for an older brother is a younger sister. But you can also get along with older sisters, provided you realize that you’ll both want to be in control. When two firstborns date, they usually experience rank conflict.

Older sisters

Paris Hilton is a typical older sister of brothers. She’s bossy, confident, and aggressive. Jessica Simpson and Nicole Kidman are both older sisters of sisters. These girls like to be in control (as do most firstborns) but they have another characteristic that sets them apart — they get along better than other girls with older men who are authority figures. If you’re an older sister of sisters, you’ll probably get along famously with your male teachers. The best match for you is usually a younger brother. For the older sister of brothers, the best match is a younger brother of sisters. For the older sister of sisters, another good match is a male only child. You also get along with older brothers, provided you realize that they’ll annoy you when they try to boss you around.



The lucky thing about being middleborn is that you have a greater romantic valence than any other birth order. Why should this be? It’s because you can attract firstborns and lastborns, as well as other middleborns.

Your romantic valence, or compatibility potential, depends largely on the gender of your older and younger siblings and, to a lesser extent, on the age gap between you and them. For example, a girl with older and younger brothers is going to have tremendous romantic potential — she’ll be compatible with virtually any guy who has a sister.

Put more simply, being middleborn is like having a secret charm working to make you attractive to almost everyone you meet. Not bad, huh?

We’ll analyze the romantic compatibility of middle child Britney Spears to illustrate, briefly, how a knowledge of birth order could have helped her in her romantic life. Britney Spears has an older brother and a younger sister. The most important fact in considering romantic potential is opposite-sex siblings, especially those that are from one to five years apart in age. Her brother is four years older, her sister 10 years younger. So we can disregard her sister, who would have had a negligible impact on Britney’s romantic potential. Her brother is the important factor, and since he’s older her best match would be a firstborn boy with a younger sister. Keven Federline is a firstborn with two younger brothers, and would have been a relatively good match as far as rank conflict is concerned since a girl with an older brother usually gets along well with a firstborn male. But Kevin has sex conflict with her because he has no sisters and could be expected to have trouble understanding her.



Lastborns are usually friendly, easygoing, and creative. Research shows that you’re more observant and that you have more diverse interests than your older siblings. You also take more risks, like to travel more, and are more liberal. You’re the first to embrace new theories and you love challenging the status quo. In fact you like to shake things up and look at problems from a new angle. We need people like you in the world — you show us the way to advance knowledge, politics, and art by finding novel and inventive solutions to the problems facing mankind.

Younger brothers

Younger brothers of brothers are the most fearless of men. You like competition, sports, challenges, and thinking creatively. You travel further than your siblings and enjoy challenging established theories… Younger brothers of sisters, such as Jude Law, are excellent actors. The best match for a lastborn boy is a firstborn girl. You also get along with middle or lastborn girls, but these girls can also confuse you because they like to play and have fun just as much as you do. With firstborns you’ll get more direction and guidance, the kind of direction and guidance you enjoy receiving from your friends and romantic partners.

Younger sisters

Cameron Diaz has one older sister. Younger sisters of sisters are driven, ambitious, and creative dynamos. You’re the most feminine and flirtatious of girls. Nothing can stand in your way when you have a goal. But you often get distracted by whatever crosses your path — whether it’s a new career, a new man, or a new interest. And let’s face it, you have many interests, more than you can handle at times! Your best match is a firstborn. When paired with another lastborn you can have lots of fun, but you may lack the organizational skills that many couples need to survive. Younger sister of brothers are magnets to men. They are great actors and take direction well. They often find that they have more men attracted to them than other girls. Your best match is an older brother of sisters. With lastborn boys you have lots of exciting adventures but are less goal-directed than other couples. Examples of younger sisters of brothers include Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor. Janet Jackson has both older brothers and sisters and illustrates how creative and rebellious lastborn girls can be.


Male Only Child

Male only children are career driven. Examples of male only children include Frank Sinatra, Robin Williams, and Jean-Paul Sartre. You’re in good company and are destind for career success. No one can focus on career like you… Your best match is an older sister of sisters or an older sister of brothers.

Female Only Child

Female only children like to have a patron helping them throughout life. Brooke Shields is a perfect example, She was helped by her mother throughout her career. Unlike the male only child, career is not as important to you. Brooke Shields, for example, ended a budding film career to pursue romantic interests with various high-profile men. Your best romantic match is an older brother of sisters. However, you must also consider your mother’s birth order since you, more than other girls, learn from her how to interact with men. If she’s a firstborn, your best match is probably going to be a lastborn guy.



The closeness twins are famous for, of course, begins in the womb. They may not consciously remember their early intrauterine experience, but it nevertheless lays down a deep imprint that persists throughout life. Philip K. Dick (1928-1982), whose twin sister died at birth, claimed that he felt her presence throughout his adult life, guiding him and maintaining a mystical contact with him. Elvis Presley’s twin brother also died at birth. According to Peter O. Whitmer, clinical psychologist and author of The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley, the singer was affected by his missing twin to such an extent that it influenced his bond with audiences and his later dysfunctional behavior. If a missing twin can have such a profound and lifelong effect, imagine the effect of a twin who is living!

A twin’s best match is usually another twin. But if twins have other siblings, especially other opposite-sex siblings, that can influence their best match. For example the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up with an older brother, Trent Olsen, who is 4 years older. Their best match would therefore be an older brother of sisters.

If you’re a twin, you have something in common with Alanis Morissette. The singer/songwriter rose to fame while still in high school. Some classmates became jealous and spread rumors about her. Alanis worried about her twin brother, Wade, hearing the gossip. “God, it’s funny, I immediately think not of what I had to tolerate,” she says, “but what my brother had to tolerate.” Like Alanis, you have a soft spot in your heart for your twin. You bring this thoughtfulness into your romantic relationships. As a result, your partners are likely to find you pleasantly considerate.

Functional birth order and adoption

If you are adopted, you have a biological and a functional birth order. Your biological birth order is the birth order you have with your birth mother. Your functional birth order is the birth order you have with the family that adopted you. For the purposes of personality development and compatibility, all that usually matters is your functional birth order. This is because the family that adopted you is what formed your personality. As an example, if you are a male and were adopted at age two months into a family with two girls, one of whom was two and the other of whom was four, you would be a functional younger brother of sisters . In fact, you would have the same birth order as Marlon Brando. All the psychological and compatibility information that pertains to the younger brother of sisters would also pertain to you.

In other words, what is important is a person’s functional birth order, not theirbiological birth order . Here’s another example: If a person is biologically a female only child but is adopted at birth into a family that already has a three-year-old son, that girl becomes a functional lastborn and her personality is that of the younger sister of brothers.

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