The Evolution of Single

Love yourself, babies!

I wasn’t the one in High School with the boyfriend. When most girls were skipping class to hook-up with their boyfriends at their houses while their parents were at work, I was studying, planning or thinking. Yes, those thoughts were often about boys and my future with those boys, but in reality, I was petrified Read Post

Time to Nourish

What did YOU eat this week?

The way that the supplement industry is currently, it is extremely difficult to know what you’re really taking. Are you peeing away your pills? Are you taking something that could hinder your health instead of help? Because of these questions, I have gone many years without a consistent vitamin regime. However, last month Garden of Read Post

When your mindset is marvelous, life is totally marvelous.


  Sometimes you find yourself when you fall apart. That’s the lesson I’m working on at the moment…well, actually that’s a lesson that life has been teaching me since the start of 2014. I’m only appreciating what I had now that I don’t have it. Ugh, what an awful mindset! So, I’m over it. Well, working Read Post