Time to Nourish

What did YOU eat this week?

The way that the supplement industry is currently, it is extremely difficult to know what you’re really taking. Are you peeing away your pills? Are you taking something that could hinder your health instead of help? Because of these questions, I have gone many years without a consistent vitamin regime. However, last month Garden of Read Post

Taking the Judgement out of Eating


This morning I was reading Leanne’s blog and was inspired by her confession of feeling like she was supposed to eat a certain way. I was so relieved to read this. I am constantly overcoming the feeling of measuring my worth or happiness based on what I eat or how much I work out.I am Read Post

Time for a Makeover


I write this on Sunday afternoon, on a bench wearing a tank top and sandals… Apparently October didn’t get the fall memo and I am so okay with that. Soo, the elephant in the room: The Compost Cook got a makeover! I am beyond excited to have a site that better reflects my style. The Read Post