Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems


This image is what greets me every time I turn on my iPad. Even a stranger could look at this image and assume that I would definitely have some vain preferences… I never thought of it like that, instead I just considered myself to have a high level of aesthetic sensitivity…aka I want things to Read Post

Advent of Awesome, Part I


Hello Beautiful People! It is fully December, as the twinkling lights and dark mornings remind me. This is an emotional time of year… So much anticipation, so many reunions. I love the music, I love the lights, but in general, I find winter months really hard… That’s how this project, Advent of Awesome get started, Read Post

Stuff White People Like


  My weekend could have been planned by the authors of Stuff White People Like… Brunch? Check. Department Store shopping? Check. Playing with my puppy? Check. Plant shopping? Check. Sipping espresso? Of course. My weekend was also slightly ridiculous because I was having a bit of a pity party…it was totally unearned, but it validated Read Post