Superfood Breakfast Bowl


Oh hello! I need to share my new obsession: my breakfast bowl. Yes, finally, I have found a breakfast that keeps me full for hours! Also, this bowl is a nutrition power house. It’s easy to customize and takes only 5 minutes to make (I normally pass the 5 minutes by having a dance party Read Post

It’s all about the support.  


Hello Lovely People, Long time, no posts. Last week was a tough week. A week with a lot of tears. A week with a lot of exhaustion. A week where I wasn’t really keeping it together. However, that stress led to gratitude. Gratitude for the people in my life who are calm and kind during Read Post

How to Have the Best Possible Worst Day

When all else fails, cuddle with Moses.

This morning at 6:30 I started a blog post: How to Have a Best Day. The post included starting your day with a workout, tackling your top three priorities before opening email and having a reward/scheduled afternoon break. That was where my mind was at…then I got in a fight with my boyfriend, went to a Read Post

Staying Sane While Traveling 


My boyfriend and I have been traveling non-stop, and I’ve been slightly miserable about the constant flights/long sitting periods/changed timezones. If I were to describe my life to myself five or even two years ago, I would have been delighted with this amount of travel, and yes, the reality is ‘too much travel’ is the Read Post