Hello and Happy Marvelous Monday Lovelies! I have a very special giveaway today… but first, let me give you a few weekend highlights: Cycling. Since last Monday when I destroyed my left shin while doing box jumps (word to the wise…avoid box jumps at all cost when you are hungover), I have been limping and Read Post

[Let’s Get Sweaty]: Buns of Steel


    Let’s get sweaty. This workout is one of my favourites to do first thing in the morning…it’s fast pace, and full of different speeds and inclines. Also, it’s wonderful for toning your legs and glutes. Check it out, your buns will thank you As always, click on the thumbnails below for the full-sized Read Post

[Let’s Get Sweaty]: Back, Back, Back It Up


The weekend. It’s almost here. Let’s start it off right, with a new workout…. I used to ignore my back muscles…I can’t see them when I look at myself in the mirror, so they don’t exist, right? Apparently not. Recently, I’ve been shifting my thoughts and really working on developing a back that may one Read Post